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White Sahara, HG 1 Side (18mm, 9'X4') PET

White Sahara, HG 1 Side (18mm, 9'X4') PET

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White Sahara, HG 1 Side (18mm, 9'X4') PET
Thick : 18mm
Size : 48" X 110"
Sheet per lift : 25
Finish : 3D Special
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Features & Benefits

There are various reason for choosing our High Gloss or Super Matte PET laminated MDF.
Not only are these Eco-friendly, Versatile and Affordable, PanelArtz PET laminated MDF has following features and benefits:

  • Scratch & chip resistant
  • Resistant to fading due to sunlight, moisture & heat
  • Resistant to finger prints
  • Easy to clean & maintain
  • Better for humanity: Non­‐Hazardous, Non­‐toxic, inert, chemically neutral and recyclable materials

Maintenance & Care

PET surfaces do not need any high maintenance. They are easy and quick to clean. Routine care of wiping the surface with a damp cloth may be used, but microfiber cloths with spray glass cleaners are strongly suggested. No further maintenance or painting required. No harsh chemicals or bleach is needed and is not advised.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Brand PanelArtz
Product Features Board, CARB P2, FSC Certified
PanelArtz Collection 3D Special Design
Surface Type PET
Panel Size 9' X 4'